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Weekly roundup

So much learning jam-packed in to this four day week.
Maths learning was all about time!  How many hours in a day, two days, five days etc.  We also answered questions about calendars for example; how many friday the 1st’s are there in the whole year of 2019?  Lastly, we learned how to tell the time in five minute intervals e.g. five past two or 25 minutes to 3.
In English we finished our book, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and started to plan out our newspaper article about a volcano hitting and destroying the town of Pompeii.  We hot seated some characters (just like a mini-press conference) from the story and used what they said to write quotes ready for our newspaper article writing next week. 
In ukulele this week we are practising the G7 chord and learning some new songs with the G7 chord.  It’s quite tricky because you need to use three fingers to make the chord!
Spellings next week relate to our writing and there is just one group to learn!
Have a restful weekend!
P.S. There were two trip letters handed out today. Please return them to the class teacher as soon as you can.

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