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This week in computing we had a challenge to draw a picture. We also had to navigate the new layout of Scratch.

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Weekly roundup

Happy new Year to you all!  We have had lots of fun this week getting to know our new team mates through various team and class building activities.

In maths we brought our multiplication and division topic to a close with a week of reasoning and problem solving.  We used our knowledge of our timestables facts to work out things like ‘how can we get the total of 21 using our 4 and 5 timestables?’  The only answer we found was 1 x 5 = 5 and 4 x 4 = 16.  So 16 + 5 = 21. Next week we are starting our new topic on money.

For our english topic we started a new book called ‘The Zoomer Handbook.’  We made predictions about what we thought the book might be about just from the front and inside covers as well as making up our own animal species. We found out that a Zoomer is a cross between a zoo keeper and a farmer and that zoomers have to look after the species of animals that are also mixed up for example a girafooster, pigcock and shiger.  Can you guess what the mix is and even have a go at drawing one?  Next week we will design our own zoomer animal and create descriptions and instructions on how to look after them.

In music this week we have recapped all the chords we have learned so far (C, Am and F) and next week we will learn a new chord (C7) as well as a new song.  It was also great to learn that some of you got a ukulele as a christmas present, no excuse not to practise now!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

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A few reminders

Thursday – Class Party (Most people have signed up to bring food/drink. Please bring this on thursday morning).

Friday – Toy Day. (Children can bring a toy of their choice but the child needs to take full responsibility for the toy so please don’t send in anything too expensive or sentimental. No ipads/video games please. The toy needs to be something they can play with in the classroom)

Thank you in advance.

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Lots of children have signed up to bring food to the party. Please comment below if you would like to bring something that hasn’t been allocated.